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What Should I Feed My Cat: The Best Cat Food by

Being an uninformed consumer is no way to go through life, especially now that it is the Information Age. Due to the wealth of free informative resources online, people have no reason not to be informed with all the information that is so easily attainable -- it's literally sitting in the palms of people's hands! 

However, due to so many resources online, it can be overwhelming to know what to read and what to believe and where to begin. I hope this article helps with that!

The other challenge, too, is separating what you need from what other people say you need; because what you need for you is not always the same as what other people say you need. For example, just because all the research points to broccoli being the healthiest food, if someone is allergic to broccoli it won't matter what the research says -- it won't work because of their own needs. Make sense? I hope so.

Now, the reason for all this abstract foundation building is to say that I was recently contacted…



Even though this is my third summer on the Olympic Peninsula, this was my first summer enjoying our daisy wildflower field from beginning to end. 

Most of the field's wonder was captured on my cell phone; an Alcatel OneTouch burner phone that gets the job done in a cheap and easy way, and it falls within my budget. This is the main reason I rely so heavily on photo editing; I can't get the macro and fine-detail shots that I would prefer to get. So, I work with the tools I've got and have discovered the joy of editing photos because of it. You can see more in my Instagram feed.

Since the photos make me happy when I create and look at them, I thought maybe others might find enjoyment in them, too. So, I made a short 72-second video with a montage of daisy photos from this season. 

It was really just a test since I hadn't used the YouTube video editor software in a few months (FYI, this video editor function will go away on September 20th!)