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What You Don't Know About Sequim: Researching Small Towns in Washington State

💁 What do you know about Sequim? I have lots of questions about this place and what makes it tick, from the way the name is pronounced to where all the money goes. What follows is what I have discovered; source links included. 

💁 Sequim is one syllable and comes from the Klallam language from the indigenous Native Americans who inhabited the region; the 'e' is silent, so it is pronounced SKWIM.,_Washington

💁 Sequim was incorporated on Halloween, October 31, 1913; but the annual Irrigation Festival started 18 years earlier in 1895 and is the longest continually running festival in Washington State.,_Washington

💁 Sequim is the second largest city in Clallam County; in 2014, residents living in Sequim totaled 6,737, approximately 10% of the county's population which was 72,715 residents.…