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Design Your Own Bumper Sticker (at Zazzle)

I have been designing and selling bumper stickers in the Zazzle marketplace for a few years through my Prose & Pix shop and I am still learning new things. Here is what to know about how Zazzle bumper stickers are produced and how to design your own bumper sticker, either for personal use or for sale, using the free e-commerce platform:

A: Find out from Charles Ohiaeri, Vice President of Operations at Zazzle (November 2015); watch the video or read the video notes below (transcribed for educational purposes):

Maker Moment - Zazzle Bumper Stickers:
> The process begins when a customer places an order on the Zazzle website.

> Customers can choose from a pre-designed bumper sticker in the marketplace or start from a blank template to make a custom design.

> Once the order is placed on the website, the information is sent to the manufacturing division where the production process begins, at Zazzle’s state-of-the-art printing facility …

How I Removed Redbubble Stickers from a Refrigerator (With a Steamer)

I removed three Redbubble stickers from my refrigerator that were in place for over a year, and this is what I learned in the process:

1. Redbubble’s vinyl stickers absolutely can be removed and reused again.

2. Redbubble stickers totally keep their stickiness once removed.

3. Redbubble stickers will not stick to parchment paper.

4. Redbubble stickers can be removed from a refrigerator with steam.

5. PRO TIP: Set loose stickers on parchment paper to stop them from sticking to other surfaces.

6. PRO TIP: Going slow is better than going fast when removing a Redbubble sticker.

I used my handheld steam cleaner to shoot steam on a corner of a sticker, then carefully picked at the corner until it came up and made sure not to ruin the corner from picking at it. No more steam was needed once the corner was started. Then I slowly peeled the sticker completely off the fridge and made sure not to rip or tear the die-cut edges as it came off. All three stickers were removed and relocated withou…

Learn the Art of Fitted Sheet Folding Perfection

Learn the art of fitted sheet folding perfection with the help of YouTube.

May I present the best under-2-minute demonstration video tutorial for how to fold a fitted sheet:

Click the link above to learn from LivingOnADime how to fold a fitted sheet or watch it here:

LivingOnADime's video helped me so much, I wanted to share my results from folding sheets at home with a video of my own:

I followed LivingOnADime's video and referred back to it a few times in the process; it took a few attempts at the final fold, but I didn't stop until I got the result I wanted; a perfectly folded set of sheets, including the infamous fitted sheet on the bottom.

While I have worked in commercial housekeeping in the past, I perfected other arts, such as vacuuming, folding towels, and making beds; so I'm still learning and YouTube is helping me learn.

Thank you, LivingOnADime; I hope the video helps others as much as it has helped in my developmen…