WHO: Eve Penman, nom de guerre ~  EMAIL

WHAT: The Eve Penman BlogSpot (Est. 2009) is an online outlet for Eve Penman's creator to safely, and in relative anonymity, express her broad-ranging numerous views, which can be both charmingly conforming and dangerously dissenting to popular society, through her original writing, photography, and graphic designs, for those who are bold enough to dare to read them.

WHERE: Skwim Peaks, Washington, America; fictitious name created by combining the name of the real town of Sequim, Washington, (pronounced Skwim) and the David Lynch Pacific Northwest drama Twin Peaks.


WHY: To express myself so that others may know they are not alone in this world when they relate and connect to a piece of work created by Eve Penman; as well as to promote and market the thousands of products available for sale in my Eve Penman online retail shops at Amazon, RedBubble, Society6, TeePublic, and Zazzle

Eve Penman (Est. 2009) is a nom de guerre that was spawned out of a basement apartment in Bozeman, Montana, late one snow-rich winter's night, by a 31-year-old second-generation stenographer recently transplanted from Tacoma, Washington, 700 miles to the west, who deliberately left everything she knew to discover what she did not know while on her personal quest to seek out freedom from encroaching bureaucracy in a world where government never stops, and whereby she attained an unparalleled hands-on education in both law and liberty, all while living remotely in the woods under the Big Sky of the Treasure State and covering numerous court-related matters throughout Montana in a single bound in her silver Subaru of StenoJustice.

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