My 10 Choices for Anyone but Trump

Anyone But Trump? This sounds like a fun game. So, here are my choices for anyone but Trump, in no particular order:
1. O.J. Simpson          2. George Bush
3. Dick Cheney          4. Charles Manson
5. David Duke          6. Mel Gibson
7. Ann Coulter          8. Pat Buchanan
9. Sarah Palin         10. Alex Jones

Granted, not all of these people would be eligible to run for president, making the list slightly preposterous; however, the preposterous rhetoric 'Anyone But Trump' begs for a preposterous retort. 

The same applies for the equally preposterous rhetoric 'Anyone But Hillary.'

Is this really what fuels a person's choice for president, who they are not rather than who they are?

If the reason to vote for a person is because they are not the other person, is that logic or is that a reaction?

Reactions do not require thought, but logic does.

So, if people vote for a candidate out of thoughtless reaction, what kind of a vote is that?

If people say that not voting is throwing away a vote, then how is voting for someone without applying thought any better?

In general, voters advocate that they have to vote, that they must vote, because that is their right; and they will vote for anyone no matter how bad the candidate is, because that is their right...to vote for bad candidates...just so long as they are not as bad as the other candidates.

Perhaps that is the problem with the current state of affairs: Everybody's voting and nobody's thinking. 

But all the votes are not getting counted anyway, so what does it matter? 

I mean, can anyone even prove their votes from their own ballots have ever been counted, ever, in their entire lives? Or at least since the year 2000.

Admittedly, I may not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to every person that all the votes aren't getting counted; however, does that matter if no one can offer proof that all the votes have been counted?

I mean, if there is no hard, physical proof via documentation that all the votes are being counted, either accurately or at all, wouldn't that only support the argument that the votes are not being counted? 

Now there's a thought to consider.

Happy voting for 1 of 2 choices!

by Eve Penman

Learn more about ballot tampering

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Questioning the Truth: Why Wake Up When I Can Enjoy the Dream?

Q: What happens when you wake up?

A. You become aware of a monster so enormous, so unwieldy, and so unyielding, that it forces you to accept that nothing can be done about it and you were probably better off having never woken up. 

Because, if something could be done about the monster, wouldn't it have been done by now? 

Therefore, since nothing has been done about the monster to this point, I seriously doubt anything will ever be done about it. 

It's not as if there is any reason for anything to be done about the monster anyway, since people willingly pay to keep the monster fed and they take no stand against the monster sans voting ballot. 

So, if nothing can be done about the monster, except to learn to live with it and the knowledge that you live under an oppressive regime of elite rulers who have more care for world domination than for you as an individual, then why bother learning about it at all?

If I am unable to resolve the problem, then why do I need to know about the problem? 

I mean, why make people aware of problems they can't resolve? What is that supposed to solve? More importantly, what does that create? Anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, and resentment, not to mention sleeplessness, for starters. 

All the more reason to not wake up, but to stay asleep and enjoy the dream. 

Sure, there are the taxes, and the paperwork, and the mandates, and the regulations, and always more of it because that is what keeps the monster alive; but for all that comes the payoff with peace of mind for not knowing the truth. And, since nothing can be done about the truth, isn't it better to not know the truth?  

by Eve Penman

PS ~ Is this satire? Is this reverse psychology? Is this doublespeak? Is this apathy? Is this truth? Is this crazy? Depends on the reader.

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