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Q & A: Designing Online for Beginners, Graphic Designers, Amateur Photographers, and Writers

Thanks to @mastersquill on Instagram (a.k.a. David Nelson) for reaching out to me with some questions about my design work! 🎆

I wanted to share the information on my blog in case anyone else had similar curiosities; if anything is unclear, please leave questions in the comments or email them to me here. 📧

> I am most curious about how you found vendors; 
> Do you do all the art; 
> Do you ship products or do the vendors; 
> Do you use PayPal or another collection system? 

> I never had to look for vendors, and I have never talked to the vendors who make the items in my stores. 👍

> A few years ago I did an online search in the hopes of figuring out what else I could do with my photographs, instead of printing them to sell since that wasn't an option and not what I really wanted to do; I can't remember the words I used in my search, but I discovered Zazzle in the process and that was where I started my first shop, Prose & Pix. 🎈

> I now …