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Hey, Hey, Hey: It's a Marilyn Monroe Quote Mashup with Monica Lewinsky and Bill Cosby!

This Marilyn Monroe meme showed up in my Facebook feed: It got me to thinking: Marilyn Monroe got it on with John F. Kennedy, a President of the United States, and she is adored the world over.
Monica Lewinsky also got it on with a President of the United States, Bill Clinton, and she is not adored the same as Marilyn Monroe.
So, why is it that Marilyn Monroe is adored and Monica Lewinsky is hated, even though they both were 'the other woman' to married men, and Presidents at that? (Answer: Double standards.)
And, if quotes attributed to Marilyn Monroe are viewed as inspirational, would they be equally inspirational when paired with Monica Lewinsky photos? (Answer: The awesomeness is uncanny!) I mean no offense with my Monica/Marilyn mashups. My intent is to get people to look at something in a different perspective and maybe, possibly, peek outside the box that blocks the light. A girl can dream, right?
Real or not, I find these quotes to be inspiring paired with Monica Lewinsky, more …

Runner's Log: My Unorthodox List of 50+ Running Don'ts and Dos for Runners and Non-Runners

It excites me when I get a sale in one of my online shops -- wow, somebody found my creation out of all the others and bought it! -- but the Runner's Log journals in my ProseAndPix Zazzle shop excite me in an extra special way.

The reason is because I see a sale of a Runner's Log as empirical evidence that someone is out there running, pushing themselves and bettering themselves (or giving it as a gift for someone who will be doing such things); and that makes me happy to know someone is bettering themselves; and now my creation gets to be a part of that betterment process and that is a totally awesome feeling, to know that my creative prowess is helping inspire good rather than evil. Or so I like to think.
Therefore, in recognition of another Runner's Log journal being sold (thanks, buyer!), I have created my own unorthodox list of running don'ts and dos for runners and non-runners alike to learn from and enjoy.

Don't be a jerkNon-runners: this means not th…

Peer Pressure vs. Racism: The Real Reason People are Blacklisting the Rebel Flag

In an instant life can change. Something that was once present without question is suddenly gone with the wind and you are left in a whirl wondering 'Hey, what happened?'
While popular consensus is that censoring a symbol from American history is a solution to a momentary problem brought on by someone who committed a heinous crime, I only see it as a reactionary measure equal to blacklisting trench coats because of the Columbine High School shooting, or banning music because kids killed themselves while listening to it, or stopping all sales of the Dixie Chicks albums because they spoke out against President Bush (before everyone else did). 

In other words, people who are choosing to voluntarily blacklist the Rebel Flag now, in 2015, are not taking a stand against racism. Blacklisting the flag at this point is nothing more than basic grade school peer pressure as it is being done to save one's face when confronted by the herd.
Case in point: Why is it that when the Dukes of H…