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Indecent Slander in Clallam County & What's Really Happening During the February 2019 Snowstorm

Have you been wondering to yourself: What must it be like to live in the midst of the historic February 2019 snow-dump on the rural north Olympic Peninsula of Washington State? Please, let me fill you in.

For starters, our front yard is a swimming pool of snow and I haven't seen the bottom fence beam since February 8th:

That's when my husband and I officially got snowed-in our remote private property. We share a fence line with Department of Natural Resources land that connects to Olympic National Forest land, to give you an idea of the remote logistics. Due to the length of the driveway (over one-tenth of a mile) and us not having any major machinery to the move the snow, it's been a shoveling game for over a week:

But, since we have supplies, we aren't injured and aren't in serious need of anything, we haven't made it top priority to get out, especially since the local 'news' from neighbors was that the county roads are covered with snow and cars were in…

Making the Bed & Cleaning Secrets from a 5-Star Luxury Hotel Housekeeper

I recently went on a YouTube search for bed-making tips from the people who do it all the time and are the best at it in the field: luxury housekeepers.

In my search I found this gem featuring 5 pro bed-making and cleaning tipsfrom Constance Chapalain, Assistant Housekeeping Manager at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, France -- a bona fide 5-star luxury hotel!:

The video is presented in the luxurious French language and subtitled throughout, so it’s easy to watch and read sans sound if preferred; it’s also enjoyable to watch with the volume on, to hear (and learn) the French language.

All the tips are top-notch and demonstrate what luxury housekeeping is all about -- meticulous attention to detail.

Each tip below includes a direct link to the time stamp on the video where that tip starts.

1. Meticulously Made Bed @ :32 seconds

The secret: hospital corners are what give any bed a touch of meticulous luxury. I never used to do hospital corners because I didn’t really know what they w…

The Secret to Writing: Super Happy Chocolate Donuts @ Zazzle!

The secret to writing is to start today.

Another secret to writing is being equipped with the right tools, like my mouthwatering Super Happy Chocolate Donuts notebook and matching pen now available @ Prose & Pix Zazzle shop

A delightful and donuty-delicious design that will inspire hours of sweet writing; Super Happy Chocolate Donuts features colorful sprinkle-covered, chocolate-frosted graphic donuts arranged in a delectable and symmetrical pattern against a yummy yellow background:

Super Happy Chocolate Donuts Notebook
by ProseAndPix
The Super Happy Chocolate Donuts notebook measures 6.5 inches by 8.75 inches with 80 college ruled black-and-white lined pages. The sweet spiral wire binding is super handy as it allows the notebook to lay flat open without having to force it to stay open, so writers can spend more time writing and less time fussing with a stiff binding.

The chocolate-donut-coated cover is printed in vibrant sharp colors by Fujifilm Personalized Photo Products Group, b…

Are Food Stamps in Your Future on the Olympic Peninsula? Local Economics & the Self-Employment Struggle in Rural Washington State

According to’s article, How to Get Food Stamps or SNAP Benefits When Self-Employed, there are six fields of self-employment that often require food stamps for economic survival:

1. Online Sellers / Flea Marketers

2. Writers

3. Affiliate / Commissioned Salespeople

4. Seasonal Workers / Lawn Care Professionals 

5. Agricultural Workers / Farm Stand Owners 

6.  Craftspeople / Artists

Basically, anyone who receives an IRS 1099 Form most often applies for food stamp benefits.

Learn about Benefits in Washington State here:

Learn about Benefits in another state here:

According to the Washington State Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS) in 2017 Clallam County had a population of 74,240, of which 68% (50,573) received assistance of some kind from DSHS, of which 21% (15,417) received basic food program assistance(the second largest group after clients receiving medical eligibility assistance).

According to the Clallam Cou…