I Don't Need Feminism...or Do I?

As a post-Women's Lib Gen-Xer, all I have ever been taught and shown by the world around me is that women can do anything and everything a man can do, at least legally speaking.

Here's the thought, though, that feminists forgot, or that got blocked by gatekeepers: Do I want to do everything? Who cares if I can do everything? Do I want to, as a woman of my own free will and volition, do everything and anything a man can do?

Let me think on that for a split second.

No! I absolutely do not want to do anything and everything a man can do. And why would I, or why should I? So that then I can be a man? Then, if I'm so manly that I can do it all myself, why would I want a man around since he can't do anything for me that I can't do myself? And why would a man want to be around me if I'm so manly; so that he can treat me like one of the guys? No, thank you.

Instead, what if, rather than trying to do anything and everything a man can do, I were to focus on becoming anything and everything a woman can be, considering that's what I am? Is that too crazy? I mean, how dare a woman not want to be a man, right? Right.

Not right.

This [ill]logic of feminism does amuse me, so much that I have taken it as a form of inspiration in creating new graphic designs for my online shops (links in sidebar); here are the four newest RedBubble stickers. What do you think?

Okay; so maybe I do need feminism...to inspire me to fight back against it!


I Fight Authority & Authority Doesn't Always Win (My First Podcast Interview with Matt Forney)

Three weeks before the end of 2016, I sat down one-on-one with an IRS tax collector to address my outstanding six-figure back-tax debt that began accumulating ten years ago in 2006. 

Needless to say, I have been carrying a consequential and controversial load over the past few years as a result of exercising my unalienable right to say no to unjust government, and it has not been easy; neither the load nor my silence. 

Fortunately, Matt Forney was there to help relieve the silence by sharing my story via his This Alt-Right Life podcast with my first-ever podcast interview, so very appropriately entitled: She Fought the Law and the Law Lost. (I couldn't help but complement it with this post's title inspired by my favorite John Mellencamp song.)

Along with talking taxes, Matt and I talk Trump and what it has been like where I live in Washington State; a popular blue state that has numerous red counties filled with the silent majority, including my county which I had a hand in historically turning red...and it felt so good!

Please have a listen here, here, or here, to hear the details and results of my meeting with the IRS. There is no wrong time to listen nor wrong way to listen, unless the volume is muted then that would be counterproductive to listening. So un-mute, listen, and let me know what you think.
PS +++ Don't forget to grab your pussy, because Trump is coming!!!


Grab Your Pussy, Trump's Coming

Grab Your Pussy, Trump's Coming: One of my newest designs inspired by (1) the uproar over what Donald Trump said years ago and (2) his upcoming presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017. 

Admittedly, I haven't listened to nor read precisely what Trump said because it doesn't concern me, however I've gotten the impression it has something to do with a cat. Is that correct? 

Why people get so upset over a little pussy is beyond me. 

You can find 'Grab Your Pussy Trump's Coming' in my Redbubble and Teepublic shops on shirts, coffee mugs, posters, art prints, greeting cards, post cards, notebooks, and much more! 

Celebrate the historic Trump inauguration with your favorite pussy and share the love!

Thanks! ~ Eve Penman @ Redbubble & Teepublic

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Did You Get Trumped? How to Move On & Live with a President You Don’t Want

Three words: Best. Election. Ever.

What a phenomenal electoral upset, which hasn’t upset me as much as it has others. While I am not government’s Number 1 fan, I am a fan of chaos and shaking up the corrupt and complacent establishment, which is exactly what happened this year.

However, not everyone is happy about it, understandably. I can recall my own unhappiness with the presidential election results eight years ago, along with my disgust for Washington state government in general and the slanderous railroading of Ron Paul (and his supporters) by the GOP establishment.

Having set my non-voting principles aside this year for the good of taking a sanctioned stab at upsetting the establishment and to wind up on the winning side feels nothing but Trumpendous, assuming my vote got counted. 

Granted, time will tell what becomes of a Trump presidency, but I am prepared for what comes next in America and I look forward to scrutinizing his performance based on his campaign promises during his time in office, and resisting any of his mandates should I feel so compelled. But I digress.

With thousands, and possibly millions, of people taking the loss harder than I could have imagined (because I didn’t cry when Obama won), the mindful side of me feels a duty as a writer and experienced loser to reach across the aisle with an empathetic hand, to those Berned by Hillary for the nomination, to those Trumped by the presidential upset, and to anyone who is unhappy with any electoral outcome; and that is what I have done with my newest ebook: Did You Get Trumped? How to Move On & Live with a President You Don’t Want.

I offer five tips in Did You Get Trumped? with honest sincerity sans jeering jubilation, in the hopes that people will use the information to move on with their lives and better themselves for themselves no matter who is president.

My speculation is that if Hillary would have set an example by rallying her loyal troops and addressing her supporters on election night, even if the ship was sinking, people may not be as upset as they are now and some of it could be subconscious. I would feel extremely let down if my candidate didn’t make an appearance as a show of strength during the darkest hour; it would sting deep. 

Realizing that only makes me want to reach out to help others, with insight based on my experiences from being on the losing side in 2008 and losing hard against not only Obama but the GOP establishment, the media, and popular opinion.

The people in this nation do need to heal, not necessarily as a nation but as individuals in their own way, so I am doing my part to help in my own way. I offer my ebook, Did You Get Trumped? ($2.99 Amazon), to the people to help them move on, heal, be mindful, find bliss, live life, and have faith because this won’t last forever.

Magna vis est in mundum ~ Eve 

Do you know someone who can’t move on from the Election of 2016? You can help them by sharing my latest ebook, Did You Get Trumped?, with them. Thanks! Email feedback here.

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