Runner's Log: My Unorthodox List of 50+ Running Don'ts and Dos for Runners and Non-Runners

It excites me when I get a sale in one of my online shops -- wow, somebody found my creation out of all the others and bought it! -- but the Runner's Log journals in my ProseAndPix Zazzle shop excite me in an extra special way.

The reason is because I see a sale of a Runner's Log as empirical evidence that someone is out there running, pushing themselves and bettering themselves (or giving it as a gift for someone who will be doing such things); and that makes me happy to know someone is bettering themselves; and now my creation gets to be a part of that betterment process and that is a totally awesome feeling, to know that my creative prowess is helping inspire good rather than evil. Or so I like to think.
Therefore, in recognition of another Runner's Log journal being sold (thanks, buyer!), I have created my own unorthodox list of running don'ts and dos for runners and non-runners alike to learn from and enjoy.

  • Don't be a jerk
    • Non-runners: this means not throwing objects from vehicles at runners or assaulting/harassing runners in others ways. In general, please do not do this to anyone as you are the one who looks like a dick, not the other person.
  • Don't be harmful/hazardous to others
  • Don't belittle others 
  • Don't listen to haters
  • Don't compare yourself to others
  • Don't compete with elite athletes if you are not one
  • Don't doubt yourself
  • Don't be nervous or scared
  • Don't bitch about the hill
  • Don't push yourself to the point of immobility (unless you have a team of doctors taking care of you)
  • Don't set unrealistic goals
  • Don't overlook opportunities to run somewhere you have never run before
  • Don't support running clubs or stores that don't support you
  • Don't volunteer with running groups that don't support you
  • Don't act entitled on the roads or to handouts at races
  • Don't depend on others to have supplies for you when it is your responsibility to have your own supplies
  • Don't wait until the last minute to show up for a race
  • Don't stand where you don't belong in the starting line-up
  • Don't hate on the weather
  • Don't let gadgets run your run
  • Don't forget why you run
  • Don't look back unless you plan on going that way!

  • Breathe
  • Stay hydrated and fueled
  • Be courteous
  • Smile
  • Be creative
    • make obstacle courses out of pay meters, street signs, water hydrants, benches and more!
  • Stretch as needed
  • Walk or slow down as needed
  • Enjoy the scenery
  • Encourage fellow runners
  • Get out of the way for faster runners
  • Be careful around traffic
  • Look where you are going
  • Be seen -- wear bright colors and reflective gear!
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Carry ID and mace as needed 
  • Try something new -- routes, running partners, races!
  • Rest and recover
  • Be confident in your abilities at any level
  • Support running clubs and stores that support you
  • Volunteer at race events and with running groups that support you
  • Say 'Thank You' to the race workers, volunteers, organizers and sponsors
  • Prepare yourself to be as self-sufficient as possible on long runs and at races
  • Sign up for races as early as possible to save money
  • Exercise your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) 
  • Revel in your runner's high
  • Find your zen
  • Have fun
  • Keep going
  • Record your training runs, race stats, goals and PRs
  • Buy a Runner's Log journal designed by Eve!
Runner's Log  by Eve
Thank You for Your Patronage!
Happy Running!
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