Decluttering in Sequim: 10 Places to Take Your Stuff

Life on the North Olympic Peninsula means being creative when you don't have all the resources the big cities have; namely recycling centers everywhere, thrift stores everywhere, internet marketing sans Facebook, and millions of potential buyers everywhere. Welcome to life on the Edge of America.

So, now, after being here a few years and still trying to figure out where to take things and at what times, I have created a Google map as a resourceful solution to help myself and others who are wondering where to take stuff when it comes to decluttering, recycling, and minimizing on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Likewise, should you be in need of buying used goods, this is the map for you!

Each marker on the map includes the business contact information and my notes about the services they provide. Just click on the map marker!

As of this writing, businesses on the map include:
1. Around Again
2. Blue Mountain Transfer Station (County Dump)
3. Carrie's Corner Collectibles & Thrift Store
4. Office Depot
5. O'Reilly's Auto Parts
6. Pumpkin Patch Flea Market
7. Sequim-Dungeness Hospital Guild Thrift Shop
8. Sequim Fire Department
9. Sequim Goodwill
10. Serenity House Thrift Store

Feel free to share this map with others so more people know about what resources are out here on the North Olympic Peninsula. 

I am not affiliated with any of these businesses. I am a private citizen providing compiled information based on my own research. The information provided is not the totality of any businesses' services.

Please contact businesses directly to confirm they can provide the services you need and to learn what else they can do for you here on the Peninsula.

This map will be a work in progress as I discover more resources in and around Sequim, on the North Olympic Peninsula.

I will address online options for decluttering on the Peninsula in another blog post. Sign up for email notifications in the side bar so you don't miss it!

Please email me if you have a place to add on the map or for any other inquiries!

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How to Spend Less Time Cleaning:
Decluttering Tips from a Housekeeper



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