How to Start Meal Planning with a Weekly Menu Schedule (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

I have started a weekly menu schedule for my household! 

I am not ashamed to say I can't keep it all in my head, and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to keep it all in their head when there are so many amazing tools to utilize that help make life easier to manage in the 21st Century! 

In a one-vehicle household and me at home all week miles from town, having meals and groceries planned out before we leave for the store on the one day we shop makes for more efficient shopping because it goes quicker. Less time in public is always a good thing!

Planning ahead also helps because it allows for household communication, so that we know what we want for the week before we are standing in the middle of the grocery store unsure of what is at home and what is still needed. I loathe assuming what another wants to eat, so I prefer to ask, discuss, and plan. Plus, that's my job as the home-managing homemaker now!  

Granted, we are just two adults and two cats with fairly uneventful lives, but if I need a schedule for just us...then what do people with kids and lives need? Most likely a schedule!

So, I found a free Word template and tonight I changed up the colors and fonts so that it looks like a form I would actually use. Maybe others would like to use it, too!


The Google Doc is set to comment and the download feature is activated. If there are problems, please contact me to fix it!

If you would like a Word Doc template, email me with the subject 'Weekly Menu' and I will send it to you!

The Word Doc and Google Doc vary in font styles, but the layout and colors are the same. 


How To Start Meal Planning:
Write down what you eat, including dining and take-out, and keep track for a week on your weekly menu schedule. At the end of the week, look back and see what you ate. Make notes of what you want or don't want for the next week and plan your shopping list from there on your weekly menu schedule! (It's good to know when you plan on eating out so you can plan groceries accordingly.)

Always change fonts and colors, and anything else you can on documents, to inspire you to use them!



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