How to Win a Free WyoWhy Tote Bag

WyoWhy is a Wyoming-based, woman-owned business headed by Kathleen Neiley, a true Woman of the West who is working to make a difference for many.

Kathleen is on a 'serious mission' to provide meaningful work to rural Wyoming women and has created a network of artists, designers, and seamstresses who produce a niche line of 'unserious goods' available for purchase in the WyoWhy online shop and at summer festivals in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the business is headquartered. 

I first learned of WyoWhy on Instagram and that's where I won the free canvas tote bag that features the WyoWhy logo design: a classic Wyoming windmill!  

Qualifying for a chance to win a free WyoWhy canvas tote bag couldn't be easier, because Kathleen does all the work by choosing people at random; so all I had to do was follow WyoWhy on Instagram and that was it.

I didn't have to tag people, share posts, sign up for emails, say the alphabet backwards in Greek, or do anything other than what I was already doing by following, socializing, and liking the WyoWhy posts in my Instagram feed. 

I didn't even have to take photos of the tote bag once I received it, but how could I not being the photo fanatic that I am? In fact, that was the main reason I looked forward to getting the bag -- so I could capture the juxtaposition of the WyoWhy design, from a state surrounded by land, next to water on the Edge of America in Washington State. 

Scroll through the Flickr album below to see my photo shoot pictures of the tote bag (with my home-grown lavender and next to Sequim Bay at John Wayne Marina in Sequim, Washington). Keep reading to learn more about the tote bag!

WyoWhy Tote Bag
However, the geographical juxtaposition doesn't stop at Wyoming and Washington -- the canvas tote bag was actually manufactured in New Hampshire for WyoWhy! 

Sticking to her serious mission to provide work to rural women, before she was able to secure a line of fabric to produce her own line of tote bags as she does now, Kathleen had her WyoWhy logo design printed on American-made canvas tote bags from another woman-owned-and-operated company out of Bedford, New Hampshire: Enviro-Tote. (Check out EnviroTote on Instagram too!)

It's eye-opening to learn how much goes into creating a tote bag; along with the ingenuity of producing something from nothing through design and manufacture, there is all the freight involved, too, with shipping anything and everything that it takes to create the tote bags and get them to customers -- especially from one coast to the other. That's a lot of hard-working Americans behind one tote bag! 

With so much of America represented in one bag, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to make a Google map that roughly tracks the tote's journey from coast to coast to help visualize how far-reaching one serious mission can be: 

And to think: All of this economic productivity is because Kathleen chose to make a difference for many Americans when she ordered American-made tote bags from Enviro-Tote with her WyoWhy logo on them. Thank you, Kathleen, for making a difference in America -- and for the free tote bag!



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