Housekeeping ProTips: How to Vacuum Happy with Hearing and Hand Protection

Vacuuming literally sucks, especially with my sensitive ears. 🙉

It's not that I hate the act of vacuuming, it's that I hate the sound of the vacuum; I always have. As a kid I would want to hide from the vacuum cleaner just because of the sound -- LOUD. 💢

Ever since learning about misophonia a few years ago due to my issue with the sounds of chewing, I have concluded that my over-sensitivity to vacuums might be part of it, too; along with my dislike for the sounds of blenders and food processors. 😣

While I haven't always wanted to vacuum, I have never made the sound an excuse not to vacuum. Pure laziness seemed to be a good enough excuse, but maybe my sound sensitivities were subconsciously stopping me, only I didn't know it all those years ago. 💁

It's not that the sound makes me have to cover my ears in order to function, but it is unsoothing to my ears and I do not like it, period, so it does not motivate me to clean, and that's really not good. 😞

I had never seen anyone wear ear plugs while vacuuming in a house, so I never thought to do it. I had only ever seen people not be happy while vacuuming, so I thought that was the only way to be while vacuuming. 👀

I always figured the sound is just something you get used to in life and accept, and it's nothing anyone can do anything about; and since ear plugs aren't sold next to vacuum cleaners, and everyone I know just accepts the loudness, and it's straight up dorky to care about one's hearing when you're under the age of 70, it never occurred to me to protect my ears while vacuuming. 😕

Since I want my home to be clean, I have to vacuum; Roombas and housekeepers are not an option; and I am old enough to not have to play the tough-girl game. I am a female and being sensitive is what I get to do that men can't do; and I refuse to be uncomfortable when there is gear that can make it better, which I learned about while working as a part-time housekeeper. 😏

Gear makes all the difference. I have run miles in the rain without problems because I had the right gear, and I have gone nowhere fast when I wasn't prepared. Vacuuming is no different than a physical sport, so gear up accordingly. 😉

Earplugs for vacuuming Howard Leight by Honeywell at Amazon
> For ear protection, I prefer the Quiet Band ear plugs from Howard Leight by Honeywell; available at Amazon along with other brands. Click my Amazon affiliate link here to browse Amazon's selection of Quiet Band style ear plugs (see disclaimer below). 👇

> What makes the Quiet Band design great for vacuuming is the efficiency of taking them on and off; no fumbling with little ear plugs in each ear, nor are they bulky. Plus, they are affordable and they come in a few color options; I went with red. 👿

> While the ear plugs don't stop all the noise, they do eliminate the higher-pitched decibels enough to make a significant difference in my vacuuming happiness. 😊

> I keep the ear plugs in the designated supply drawer in their bag when not in use, because I don't want the ear pieces exposed when they're not in my ears (gross!). 😝

> Along with the ear plugs I have also incorporated work gloves; a habit I picked up as a part-time housekeeper when I did so much vacuuming my hands grew calloused from it. 😒

Housekeeping handcare haiku writers life chores gloves gear photography 
> Callouses or no callouses, there is still the issue of touching the vacuum cord that drags across the floor, as highlighted in my haiku above (gross!). 😝

> Plus, if you move a cord through your hands quick enough the friction may burn, as I learned when wrapping up cords quickly on the job. All the more reason to invest in a pair of gloves for household work. 😉

> I use a pair of Firm Grip gloves that I found at one of the local home improvement stores, but Amazon carries the same brand along with others all at reasonable prices. Click my Amazon affiliate link here to see Amazon's selection of household work gloves for men and women (see disclaimer below). 👇

> I keep my gloves stored in the designated glove bin when not in use; and so long as I return my vacuuming accessories to their designated places I always know where to find them quickly so I can vacuum efficiently without being unhappy. 🌈

~ Happy vacuuming!

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