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Before & After Music Video: Steam Cleaning at Home with a Eureka Hot Shot

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Before-and-after musical photo montage of steam cleaning projects at home with a Eureka Hot Shot handheld steam cleaner:

Photo 1/Cover: Bathroom fixtures and toilets receive a weekly steaming / Glass refrigerator shelves removed for deep cleaning (Pro Tip: Cold glass can crack when exposed to hot steam; cold glass must be brought to room temperature before spraying with hot steam.)

Photo 2: Refrigerator door; dirt rings removed before & after

Photo 3: Refrigerator glass shelf; gunky buildup removed from corner before & after

Photo 4: Refrigerator glass shelf; gunky buildup removed from middle before & after

Photo 5: Refrigerator door shelf compartment; dirty stains removed before & after

Photo 6: Washing machine agitator; gunky buildup removed before & after

Photo 7: Washing machine rim; gunky buildup removed before & after

Photo 8: Learn how to remove Redbubble vinyl stickers from a refrigerator with a steam cleaner @  https://evepenman.blogspot.com/2018/11/how-i-removed-redbubble-stickers-from.html

Thank you for watching!

Find steam cleaning videos in my How To: Best Cleaning Videos playlist @ https://youtu.be/7-VGPeTy3Ng?list=PLJ11pTz4hOWZLHNf9FDwxa-xVxGrAtFD0

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Photos and montage by Eve Penman
Background music provided by YouTube

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