How I Removed Redbubble Stickers from a Refrigerator (With a Steamer)

I removed three Redbubble stickers from my refrigerator that were in place for over a year, and this is what I learned in the process:

1. Redbubble’s vinyl stickers absolutely can be removed and reused again.

2. Redbubble stickers totally keep their stickiness once removed.

3. Redbubble stickers will not stick to parchment paper.

4. Redbubble stickers can be removed from a refrigerator with steam.

5. PRO TIP: Set loose stickers on parchment paper to stop them from sticking to other surfaces.

6. PRO TIP: Going slow is better than going fast when removing a Redbubble sticker.

I used my handheld steam cleaner to shoot steam on a corner of a sticker, then carefully picked at the corner until it came up and made sure not to ruin the corner from picking at it. No more steam was needed once the corner was started. Then I slowly peeled the sticker completely off the fridge and made sure not to rip or tear the die-cut edges as it came off. All three stickers were removed and relocated without any damage and are as good as new.

ArtVixen: Cool Off With Pineapple
Boriana Giormova: Gluttonous Self Eating Cannibal Pig
EvePenman: Awesome Affirmation

I did not make a video to document the sticker removal process. Instead, I have been researching steam cleaning videos on YouTube to gain a better understanding of steam cleaning machines. Here is a video demonstrating a handheld steam cleaner that looks similar to the Eureka Hot Shot that I have; same attachments but a different brand:

Find more steam cleaning videos in my YouTube playlist of Best Cleaning Videos. I search for all kinds of informational videos to learn about home cleaning basics and the best videos get saved in the playlist. My best video standards include: staying on topic, accurate demonstrations by industry professionals or experienced individuals, and reasonable length for the topic presented.

Turn on the speakers to enjoy a musical product presentation montage video featuring stickers available only in my Redbubble store. All stickers are die-cut, made of vinyl, removable, and reusable; multiple sizes available, too.

There may be other methods for removing vinyl stickers from a refrigerator, but this method worked for my situation since I had a steamer on hand and was curious if it would work. It could be that the steamer made no difference, but when I tried picking at the sticker before applying steam it did not start peeling as easily as it did after applying steam; so the steam did make a difference in my experience.

Thank you for reading & watching!

Eve Penman is a former court reporter and a current housewife with cats. In 2018 she achieved her goal of earning the Master Photographer Badge as a Google Maps Local Guide after fulfilling the requirements: add 1,000 photos of 100 places and get 1 million views. Find her designs online at Zazzle and Redbubble, her ebooks at Amazon, and see all of what she's up to at The Penman Index.



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