Learn the Art of Fitted Sheet Folding Perfection

Learn the art of fitted sheet folding perfection with the help of YouTube.

May I present the best under-2-minute demonstration video tutorial for how to fold a fitted sheet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5k9nWcuFc

Click the link above to learn from LivingOnADime how to fold a fitted sheet or watch it here:

LivingOnADime's video helped me so much, I wanted to share my results from folding sheets at home with a video of my own:

I followed LivingOnADime's video and referred back to it a few times in the process; it took a few attempts at the final fold, but I didn't stop until I got the result I wanted; a perfectly folded set of sheets, including the infamous fitted sheet on the bottom.

While I have worked in commercial housekeeping in the past, I perfected other arts, such as vacuuming, folding towels, and making beds; so I'm still learning and YouTube is helping me learn.

Thank you, LivingOnADime; I hope the video helps others as much as it has helped in my development of domestic artistry.

Happy folding!

Video created by Eve Penman
Background music provided by YouTube

Eve Penman is a former court reporter; skills include research, writing, typing, stenography, proofreading, and editing. Eve has obtained the Master Photographer Badge as a Local Guide through Google Maps, with over 1 million views of her photographs. Other skills include, but are not limited to, graphic design, web design, creating content, home organization, and cleaning. Find her designs online at Zazzle, her ebooks at Amazon, and more of what she's up to at The Penman Index.



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