Bird Juice: DIY Hummingbird Food Recipe

Here is the recipe I use to make hummingbird food at home.
I make four cups at a time and store the excess in a cleaned-out whiskey bottle.

DIY Hummingbird Food:
4 cups hot water + 1 cup white cane sugar
Boil water in tea kettle.
Pour water in 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup.
Add sugar; mix until sugar dissolves.
Fill up feeders or store in clean jar! (use a funnel)

Food coloring is not needed to attract birds!

The birds here on the Olympic Peninsula have been sucking this stuff down so fast, I have to refill two feeders every few days; evidence to me that food coloring is not needed to attract birds. 

Hot water and sugar, that is all you need for hours of hummingbird-feeding enjoyment...and a feeder, of course.

Happy Feeding!
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