RIP Dink: Please Lock Up Your Dogs

This past week I have chosen to refrain from explaining to everyone what happened last Saturday that caused the sudden death of my sweet little Dink, as I do not want to have to repeatedly tell people something that tears me up inside.

I felt it better to focus on my sadness in the moment when it was most acute and fresh, instead of putting my energy into blame, anger, and hatred for what brought about her death.

I plan to share more about the event and my afterthoughts from it as time goes on.

However, under the circumstances at this time, I only want to share with others the information that is currently posted outside the property in an attempt to notify the rural neighborhood dog owners and other neighbors (local authorities have been notified by the property owner as well):
Cat mauled on its property by 2 loose dogs; Clallam County; Sequim, Washington, USA.
Seeking information regarding 2 loose neighborhood dogs that on Saturday, 6/20/15, at approximately 9.a.m., trespassed onto this property nearly 1/10th of a mile and mauled our cat 100 feet from the front door in her play area. 

She had to be put down by the vet due to her injuries.

1. Medium-sized dog; grey/brown/black coloring;
furry tail curved upward similar to a Husky or Keeshond.

2. Smaller dog; dark in color; companion to other dog.

These dogs may have received marks/injuries during the mauling.

These dogs have been spotted loose on this road once before.

If you have any information please contact Jen at
Thank you.

RIP Dink ~ 6/29/07 - 6/20/15 ~ Forever Loved and Missed

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

In an effort to raise funds for the anticipated vet bill, I have been making use of the suffering by adding new pro-cat products in my ProseAndPix Zazzle shop.

Check out the new categories: Cats, Dink the Cat, two different 'Have You Loved Your Cat Today?' product lines, and 'With Sympathy'; new products are always being added. Please visit my shop and share with other cat lovers too.

There is also Dink artwork available in my shop at along with Gozer artwork too, naturally.
All the creator proceeds I receive from the sales in my stores (a small percentage of the sales price) will go towards paying the vet bill whether the purchased products are cat-related or not. 

If you would like to help with the vet bill without having to purchase anything except our deepest thanks, please visit my Donate and Support page to make a secure, direct donation via PayPal. 

We opted to have Dink cremated, a $200 cost. The thought of returning home with her lifeless body to bury was more than we could handle at the time; we were in shock. We tried to stop the cremation a few days ago but it was too late as she had already been picked up for processing. 

While working through our grief we have talked about making a memorial marker for Dink on the property once her remains are returned to us; most likely a plant outside that we can see all the time as a reminder of her sweet Dinky spirit that surrounds us now. 

I also intend to make something beautiful out of the scene of the event, possibly a bed of catnip, as I do not want this to curse our joy of the property after less than a year of living here. I laid fresh dandelions at the scene today during my morning talk with Dink as it marked the week anniversary of her passing. RIP Dink.
Thank You for your support!

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